About us


Our transcription experience

At Transcription Centre, we understand how important transcript accuracy is to researchers. We have a wide range of experience in transcribing interviews, focus groups, speeches, discussions and dictations for a variety of uses. We've worked on large scale, longitudinal research studies with hundreds of interviews as well as one-off dictations. 

Our main office is located in Birmingham, but we do work for clients across the UK. We have worked with universities in London, Oxford, Exeter, Manchester, Sheffield, Sussex, Warwick, Birmingham, and more.

Our staff

Our transcribers are not your average typists who can only just be expected to know the difference between 'their', 'they're' and 'there'. All of our transcribers are not only native English speakers, but also have university degrees (and many have post-graduate degrees). In particular, we employ staff with expertise in the following:

  • government, politics and international relations
  • business
  • law
  • health and social care
  • housing
  • art and culture.

Whenever possible, we will match your project to transcribers with advanced knowledge and experience in your subject area. Whether your research is about CBeebies, Sea-Monkeys or septicaemia, we will meticulously ensure that we've got everything right and that you're not left with dozens of 'inaudibles' simply because the typist doesn't understand the subject matter.

Foreign language transcription

In addition to English, we are able to provide transcription in the following languages: French, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and German. Foreign language transcription will incur additional costs, so please contact us for further information. At this time, we do not offer a translation service.


Our team of transcribers have all signed non-disclosure agreements, and your audio files are encrypted during transfer through our online password protected system. We are registered and in compliance with the Data Protection Act. All transcripts are stored securely for 30 days before being destroyed.