Academic transcription

Academic transcription refers to turning audio into text for any range of university related recordings, such as dissertation and research project interviews, lecture recordings and dictations. Our specialist knowledge allows us to accurately transcribe any academic topic which gives you the advantage of being able to find key points and spot themes and trends more easily than listening through and taking notes.

We also have a range of transcript templates available depending on how you analyse your interviews - have a look at our templates. Our standard template is best for analysing interviews on paper and our NVivo template is designed for computed aided analysis. Other options, such as line numbering or time stamps, are also available. 

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University transcription

University transcription in this context means specifically transcription for students. Having your lecture as a transcript allows you to have an accurate record and helps you revise. This is especially useful for students for whom English is a second language, allowing the information to be better absorbed.  

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