Additional Services


Transcript anonymisation

If you have transcripts that you want to publish, archive or make available to an outside audience, but require anonymity of interviewees, we can help you. Send us your transcripts (or have us do them) and we will read through and remove information (places, organisations, names and/or anecdotes) so that your interviewees cannot be identified. 

Content analysis

We can pull out any main themes, quotes or recurring concepts from your interview transcripts and include as bullet points or a brief executive summary.

Dictation recording

We can record your telephone dictation and have it automatically sent to us for transcription for a minimal fee. Just ask for our toll free telephone dictation number. 

Proofreading and copyediting

We offer full proofreading and copyediting services for academic journal articles, scientific papers, essays, and PhD and masters dissertations. We always fully proofread the transcripts we complete, but if you're unhappy with the accuracy or quality of transcripts completed elsewhere, we can proofread and edit those for you as well.


Please contact us to discuss your project and talk about pricing options.