NVivo Services

1) NVivo template

For no extra cost, we can produce transcripts in a format which can be easily uploaded, auto-coded and analysed in NVivo. Have a look at our NVivo transcript template here.

2) Transcripts provided as an NVivo file

Our social researchers are trained in qualitative analysis and NVivo. We can provide your transcripts as a single NVivo file, carefully organised according to your project needs, with classifications (e.g. demographic or case study information) already assigned to each transcript, and auto-coding completed as needed. This service will incur an extra fee, depending upon the amount of auto-coding required.

3) Coding

If you'd prefer to do your coding on paper or in Word we can input your codes into NVivo and collate results/analysis as needed. We can also code surveys or any other documents. This can save you the time and effort collating and reformatting your materials for analysis, and is particularly useful for large projects or when working in teams.