Interview transcription

An interview flows better if the interviewer and respondent are fully engaged in the process. Recording the interview for transcription is a way of helping you get the most out of your work. Interview transcription provides you with a document which allows you to search for the relevant themes and key details without having to scribble notes during the conversation. We can add timestamps to the transcript to allow you to refer back to the audio with ease if the need arises.

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Verbatim Transcription

Our standard transcription style is ‘Intelligent Verbatim’ which gives an accurate record of the spoken words with minor edits to grammar, repetitions and unfinished sentences (when non-material) purely for readability. 

‘Full Verbatim’ transcription is available on request - this must be at the time of order as it is not possible to edit from Intelligent Verbatim to Full Verbatim. Full Verbatim transcripts include every word spoken. This includes stutters, unfinished sentences and any grammatical errors made by the speaker as well as repetitions.

Example of Intelligent Verbatim

Okay, so I guess a nice easy place to start is to tell you about my project. My research is looking at the involvement of citizens in decision-making.

Example of Full Verbatim

Okay, so I guess kind of, I guess a nice easy place to start is umm… to tell you about my, my project. So my research is looking at, you know, the involvement of citizens in decision-making.

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