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I would always recommend conducting interviews in person, in a quiet room, with a good quality audio recorder placed on a table between the interviewer and respondent… but we all know that in the real world this isn’t always possible. Sometimes you have to do interviews in noisy cafes or echoey boardrooms. And sometimes you can’t actually get in the same room, and you have to conduct your interview over the phone.

Review: Olympus WS-450S digital voice recorder

As a transcriber, I have but one requirement when it comes to voice recorders: Please, oh please, produce perfect quality audio recordings so that I can understand exactly what every speaker is saying.

As a researcher, I have quite a few more requirements on my tick list. I've been using the Olympus WS-450S recorder for several years now, and it's worked brilliantly for my needs. 

When I tell someone about audio transcription, invariably the first question I get asked is, "Why can't you just have voice recognition software do it?" Well, unfortunately your computer just isn't that smart (yet). Here are a few reasons why having audio transcription done by humans is so important for accuracy and quality.