Frequently Asked Questions



+ Do you transcribe audio verbatim? (i.e. exactly as spoken)

Our standard transcription style is ‘Intelligent Verbatim’ which gives an accurate record of the spoken words with minor edits to grammar, repetitions and unfinished sentences (when the content doesn't add important meaning) purely for readability.

'Full Verbatim' transcription is available on request for an additional fee - this must be at the time of order as it is not possible to edit from Intelligent Verbatim to Full Verbatim. Full Verbatim transcripts include every word spoken. This includes stammers, repetitions, unfinished sentences and any grammatical errors made by the speaker.

Example of Intelligent Verbatim: Okay, so I guess a nice easy place to start is to tell you about my project. My research is looking at the involvement of citizens in decision-making.

Example of Full Verbatim: Okay, so I guess kind of, I guess a nice easy place to start is umm… to tell you about my, my project. So my research is looking at, you know, the involvement of citizens in decision-making.

You can also have a look at our blog post about full verbatim transcription which explains in more detail.


+ Do you transcribe audio in languages other than English?

In addition to English, we are able to provide transcription of audio in the following languages: French, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and German. In some instances, we may be able to offer translations into English for the purposes of analysis. Please note: We do not offer certified translations. Foreign language transcription will incur additional costs, so please contact us for further information.


+ What is your data protection/ confidentiality policy?

Our team of transcribers have all signed non-disclosure agreements, and your audio files are encrypted during transfer through our online password protected system. We are registered and in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act. All transcripts are stored securely for 30 days before being destroyed. Read our full privacy and data protection policy here.


+ What format files can you transcribe?

We can accept a wide range of audio file types (mpg, mpeg, wmv, pcm wav, mp3 (any bit rate), wma, avi, mov, rm, flv, ogg, swf, mp2, mp4, aac, m4a, flac, aiff). Unfortunately, we currently cannot accept CDs, DVDs or memory sticks without prior approval.


+ Do you use voice recognition software to transcribe?

No! All of our files are fully transcribed and proofread by real human beings who are highly experienced, native English speakers. We think AI has a long way to go before it can do as good a job as we can!

We’ve also written a blog post about this.