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Transcribing your vocal tics, you know?

We’ve all been in a conversation with someone who says, “Do you know what I mean?” at the end of every other sentence. I was once in a conversation with someone who said the phrase as one word because he’d used it so much over the years – “Jwormeen” – sometimes mid-sentence. We all have vocal tics, and if you’re not in the habit of recording your conversations for future use then you’ll hopefully be blissfully unaware of yours.

Formatting transcripts for qualitative research

I'm a big fan of Graham Gibbs' YouTube videos, which cover a wide range of issues related to qualitative research and research methods. Previously, I've discussed his overview video on "Doing transcription for qualitative research". Today I'm looking at "Types of transcription for qualitative research", which looks more specifically at levels of verbatim and formatting for qualitative research transcripts.